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Success is the Journey not the Destination!


Tired of trying to find a LEGITIMATE opportunity online? With No Luck?
Scams got you ready to Quit? Quitters Do Not Win and Winers Do Not Quit.


If your answer is YES, you are going to want to read this page in its entirety.
I am going to do my very best to help you out and show you how you can get
started online even in the next few minutes.

If you are like most, you have tried to achieve success online but you have hit
a brick wall. The pieces of the puzzle just did not fit and more than likely
no guidance.

That is why I am here.

I want to help you get focused and I want to show you the path to Getting Started
Online! As well as how to have success.
Personally, I have always been frustrated by the sheer number of scams and products
out there. In fact, I prefer to be able to try something before I have to pay for it.
That is why on my site, I recommend products/services that are completely free or free
to try before you pay a dime.

If you are happy with the product, then you may buy it.
If the product under-delivers, then you will not even consider buying it.

That is the exact reason that I recommend that you try products that will
give you an inside look and let you touch and feel their products before you give
them even a PENNY of your own hard earned money.

So, here at Avoid Scams Make Money Online.com, we mainly advocate try before
you buy systems.

Now I want to get into the online success part and what YOU need to achieve
success within the online world. But first, I want to ask you a question.

What is the Single Most Critical Thing That is Preventing Your From Online Success?
What is the single thing that has prevented you from achieving success thus far?

Is it the fear of failure?

Are you afraid to try new things? If you answered yes then why?

What are you scared of, I mean, there has to be some reason that you have not
achieved success thus far, Right?

Perhaps your lack of online success is purely because you have been exposed to scam
after scam online, and if that is the case that REALLY SUCKS, and I am going to
completely turn that around today and get you walking in the direction of ETHICAL
programs online.

In fact, whether someone achieves success online or not can be narrowed down to
a few very simple things.

In fact, just 3.

Building a Business Online Requires Only These THREE Major Things.
Later on some add-on tools will be required to grow you business more.

You may never have read my story. I have been within the online world since 2000
and since then I have learned not only a lot about online success, but I have
learned a very good deal about people. People create success in many different ways,
we all achieve it a bit differently from one another, but there is something that I
found common with all people that earn money online.

(1) They Have Help, (A Mentor)

If you are anything like me, you get frustrated when you are stuck. There is only
one thing that is worse than being stuck. Not having anyone to get help from when
you are stuck.

So where is the best place to get help?

(2) They Have Their Own Website

No website, no success. If you are trying to go into the online world without a
website of your own, you are maybe, going to have short lived success. VERY SHORT LIVED.

Got you worried? Do Not Be, it is simple!.

There is good news, building a website is now very easy. In fact, a few minutes
from now you can have your very own website up and running online. Yes, in a few
minutes from now without spending a single cent of your own money.

Remember what I said about liking things that are free to try and free to use,
websites are no different.

(3) They Learn Regularly & Implement & Practice Properly,

Unfortunately, without learning some things you will be unable to do some things.
Self growth is very important to the growth of your online business and your life.
Back when I was young, learning to ride a bike, my parents helped me diligently
get up and running. This support and guidance helped me grow and become a
much better me.

Through training

Through self motivation

Remember to always remain teachable, then if you like, share with others.
The more you know and the more you learn, the more you do naturally.
Think of this in perspective of basketball. Do you think Michael Jordan thought about
the mechanics of his shot every time he scored a basket? No, he practiced so much
that he was able to let his mind run free and he was able to just score naturally.

That is what happens when you get trained, and when you Practice properly.

You Can Get Rolling With $0 when and if you like.
You are probably seeing a common theme here.

1. I like the idea of bootstrapping a business
2. I believe that in order to succeed, you need guidance,
your website, and training to get started.

Here is what you are going to get if and when you sign-up for $0.

Personal Help & Support

Ability to get personal help from me (Ken Pringle)

Help within a community of 10s of thousands of users

Live Chat support

Ongoing topical discussions

2 Free Websites

Fully functional WordPress Sites

Training Galore

Video Classes



Entire Classrooms

All this for a big fat $0, notta, zilch, no credit card required. It seems nuts and
that is because it is. You will not find training this robust anywhere and support like
this anywhere.
There is a Premium option that you could consider, when you are ready to grow.
Premium will give you access to WAY MORE. (If You Choose)

If you decide to join us, and that is up to you.

You should choose the Starter, $0 per month option and you will instantly get access
to the community after you add your sign-up details.

If You Choose To Join Wealthy Affiliate Today. I Believe You Will Benefit and
Be Glad You Did!

Welcome from Ken Pringle

Looking for your own website for Free?


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